Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Ad Noiseam Site


The beloved Ad Noiseam website has undergone a complete overhaul- complete with facelift. It looks and smells fresh... and in addition to adding a forum to the site, ALL Ad Noiseam releases are available in mp3 as well.

Go check it:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This Thursday!! Time to get rowdy in Dublin...


Another late post... but at least there is a somewhat current update as well.

I just have to say a big thank you to Remco & everyone at TodaysArt for such a wonderful experience. The festival, the crowd, and the hospitality were all first rate.

In case you weren't there- fear not, there are talks about using the soundboard recording in a few possible broadcasts... I'll post any further info as it develops.

Roam Restless

I'm a bit late on a few updates... it's been bit hectic. However, better late than never- and here is the latest (and it is FREE):

01. Cleopatra
02. Eusebius Reprise (Mad EP vs. Cdatakill)
03. Hoods
04. Travel the Night (Mad EP vs. Shadow Huntaz)
05. 3 AM
06. Stepping Amongst Daysleepers (Mad EP vs. Larvae)

Grab the Full EP for free from

Thursday, August 21, 2008

DJ Mix on Diversity FM

Tonight at 11PM (GMT) Diversity FM's MUSICBOX show will be broadcasting my 'SpankBass' DJ mix.

Check it on 103.5 FM (Lancaster, UK) ... or

The tracklisting is...

01. Cru – Just Another Case (Violator Records)
02. Drop the Lime – Triceratops (Tigerbeat 6)
03. Mad/EQ – Microdot Remix (Tribal Treble Records)
04. Plasticman – Cha (White)
05. Leftfield – Dusted [Si Begg's Buckfunk 3000 Remix] (Columbia)
06. Mothboy – Selfish Plan (Ad Noiseam)
07. Deee-Lite – Heart Be Still [Carl Craig Remix] (Elektra)
08. Correctional Facilities – Rock Parrot (Planet Mu)
09. Chromeo – Fancy Footwork [Grandtheft Remix] (White)
10. Mathhead X Passions – Get Hype (White)
11. Helicopter Jackson – Booty Song (Crosstown Rebels)
12. Knifehandchop – 2 Days Later (Ad Noiseam)
13. Grim – Midnight Menace VIP (White)
14. DJ C – Nuttin Attall (Death$ucker)
15. Scuba – Harpoon (Hotflush)
16. Mad/EQ vs. Mothboy – Killa Soul (Ad Noiseam)
17. Bally Sagoo – Jawani Char Dinan Dee (White)

(If you miss it, it will be re-broadcast on Saturday 23 August at midnight)

Monday, August 18, 2008

New Mix on Electronic Explorations

Electronic Explorations Week 34

Mad EP - Exclusive Mix - ‘Electronic Explorations’
01 - The Mash Is Mine - Mad EP Vs. Dead Prez/Brandy/Onyx/Eazy-E - [Dubplate]
02 - Clones (Hellbass Mix) - Mad EP Vs. Puppetmastaz - [Dubplate]
03 - Decoy - Mad EP ft. Breaff (Shadowhuntaz) - [Dubplate]
04 - Night Drunken Pavement Remix - Mad EP Vs. Ra - [Ad Noiseam]
05 - Iowa City Mash - Mad EP - [Ad Noiseam]
06 - Noose (Apocalypse Mix) - Mad EP Vs. Shadowhuntaz - [Dubplate]
07 - Tempt Not A Maddened Man - Mad EP - [Ad Noiseam]
08 - Watch Yo Step (Damn EP Mix) - Mad/EQ - [Hymen]
09 - Nucks - Mad EP - [Ad Noiseam]
10 - Be Polite (Instrumental) - Mad EP - [Dubplate]
11 - 51 Areas - Mad EP ft. Dream (Shadowhuntaz), O’Slick & Akila Da Hun - [Ad Noiseam]
12 - Live Till I Rot - Mad EP/EQ - [Ad Noiseam]

This week I provided an exclusive mix for the one & only Electronic Explorations show. If you like your hiphop stained with dirty bass, this is a mix for you. Also on the show is a mix by ragga dubstepper Grievous Angel.


Sunday, April 20, 2008


Now available on Ad Noiseam:

01 Madvision
02 Bass.hed Revenge
03 Down In The Gutter (Mad EP & Gutterbyrds vs. Aaron Spectre)
04 51 Areas (featuring Dream (Shadow Huntaz), O'Slick & Akila da Hun: vocals)
05 Nightcrawler (Mad/EQ vs. Lokua)
06 Pressure Cooker (Mad/EQ featuring David Young: trumpet)
07 Clones (remix) (Mad EP vs. the Puppetmastaz)
08 Nocturnal Journals (featuring Non Genetic & Breaff (Shadow Huntaz): vocals)
09 Menuet
10 Throw Your Towels (Mad/EQ)
11 Sugarlips
12 Lightsaber (featuring Jahdah: vocals)
13 I Am 2 (featuring Scott Lamberty: saxophone)
14 Leaving Brooklyn

Sunday, October 21, 2007


AD NOISEAM LABEL SHOWCASE: 8 December. Rotterdam, NL.

To accompany such an amazing event, NGM records has decided to release a compilation 12" featuring tracks by DJ Hidden, Mothboy, AZ Rotator, and myself. Watch out for it!!