Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This Thursday!! Time to get rowdy in Dublin...


Another late post... but at least there is a somewhat current update as well.

I just have to say a big thank you to Remco & everyone at TodaysArt for such a wonderful experience. The festival, the crowd, and the hospitality were all first rate.

In case you weren't there- fear not, there are talks about using the soundboard recording in a few possible broadcasts... I'll post any further info as it develops.

Roam Restless

I'm a bit late on a few updates... it's been bit hectic. However, better late than never- and here is the latest (and it is FREE):

01. Cleopatra
02. Eusebius Reprise (Mad EP vs. Cdatakill)
03. Hoods
04. Travel the Night (Mad EP vs. Shadow Huntaz)
05. 3 AM
06. Stepping Amongst Daysleepers (Mad EP vs. Larvae)

Grab the Full EP for free from http://www.acroplane.org